Mission & Vision

Afya Baltimore Inc. (ABI) is responsible for overseeing and managing Afya Public Charter School and Tunbridge Public Charter School. This work includes:

• Setting short- and long-term goals for the schools
• Managing the finances and facilities of both schools
• Recruiting, hiring, training and evaluating the highest quality school principals and organizational leadership.

It is our mission to do these things with integrity and responsibility as we support the successful implementation of the schools' charters.

This non-profit organization was founded in 2007 by five Baltimore City Public School educators: Karen Hughes, Katie Marts, Will McKenna, Mike
Morgan and Pat Njenga. ABI now consists of a Board of Directors, an Executive Director, and four committees, which all work to support the two schools. The committees are:

• Teaching and Learning
• Budget and Finance
• Family and Community Engagement
• Governance

With health at the heart of what we do, Afya Baltimore Inc., Afya Public Charter School and Tunbridge Public Charter School all share the following mission: TEACHING BALTIMORE’S CHILDREN TO LIVE HEALTHY, BALANCED LIVES- Intellectually, Physically, Socially.



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