Our Mission: The Afya Way 

A Word About a Word
The word Afya means health in Swahili. In the past, when we said “Afya”, we meant the middle school on Brendan Ave.:

As we move forward, this word will continue to represent our organization as a whole:

Our Mission: The Afya Way
We are now able to use this wonderful word to represent our mission and our beliefs about teaching and learning across our organization. Our mission to teach Baltimore’s children to live healthy, balanced lives is now called The Afya Way. This guides our work across The Belair-Edison School and Tunbridge Public Charter School. 

There are three components to our mission/The Afya Way: 
1. Intellectual Health     2. Social/Emotional Health    3. Physical Health
In our schools, we are committed to the engaging and equitable education of the whole child in each of these areas.