Our Staff

Afya Public Charter School teachers are experienced and certified in their content areas and experts in working with early adolescents.  All day long-- in classrooms, in the dining hall, through the hallways, and on The Yard, Afya teachers create the conditions and culture where learning happens and students thrive.

Our teachers specialize in their grade level and teach only those students. Afya teachers have the time to really know their students and their families. Teachers meet regularly to focus on student progress so no child goes unnoticed. 

Afya Public Charter School is committed to offering our students and their families a middle grades education that engages and celebrates the early adolescent learner. We believe that healthy bodies and healthy minds go hand in hand.

Our staff directory and email addresses are listed below.  If you would like to contact a teacher or staff person by telephone, please call Ms. Cureton in our main office at 410.485.2102 to leave a message.

Leadership Team

Patricia Njenga

Director of Teaching & Learning

Heather Stone

Director of Culture and Climate | Guidance Counselor

Mike Morgan

Director of Physical Education, Health & Wellness | 7th Grade PE / Health

James Manni

Educational Associate | Special Education

Will McKenna

ABI Executive Director | ABI Board Ex Officio Member

Instructional and Support Staff

Molly Grant

Humanities Department Lead | 6th & 7th Grade Humanities

Sarah Brown

6th Grade PE / Health

Tasia Harris

6th & 7th Grade Humanities

Morenike Henson

Science Department Lead | 7th Grade Science

Shantrez Taylor

Math Department Lead | 7th & 8th Grade Math

Mike Morgan

Director of Physical Education, Health & Wellness | 7th Grade PE / Health

Katherine Wise

7th & 8th Grade Humanities

Andrea Jones

6th-8th Grade Special Education Self-Contained

John Aquila

6th-8th Grade Special Education Self-Contained

Christian Solliday

6th - 8th Grade Life Skills

Megan McCormack

Occupational Therapist

Karen Jones

Adapted Physical Education Teacher

Scott Johnson

Community School Coordinator | Student Support Coordinator

Joshua Boyd

Dean of Culture & Climate