Our Program

2018-2019 Strategic Plan Overview

There are many unique aspects to the Afya Public Charter School program. In the morning time before school, our day begins with a bustle of energy. Hundreds of students come to The Yard to play basketball, touch football, soccer, or to sprint in relay races. When the whistle blows students gather for a quick message from the principal and then walk up to their advisories, where they have breakfast and prepare for a school day full of academics, fitness, and fun.

Throughout the day we have many rituals that bring continuity to our program and link the work of the school day to our mission. We play jazz music during class transitions. We celebrate our work at the end of the week with “Shout-Outs,” in which student performance is recognized, and a Friday play on The Yard. Throughout the school year we have several school-wide celebrations that instill a sense of pride and joy in our school. The annual Afya Mile run each spring is perhaps our biggest event of the year, and has been featured on the local ABC2 News

In the fall of each year, we celebrate Panther Pride Day. On this day, through a serious of activities and events, students honor their school by showing their commitment to our core values:

  • Teamwork | Working together respectfully.                 
  • Self-control | Thinking before you act and making smart choices.  
  • Honesty | Telling the truth and taking responsibility.     
  • Curiosity | Wanting to learn and know more.
  • Compassion | Encouraging and taking care of each other.
  • Perseverance | Keeping your head in the game and never giving up.

To understand what our program looks like, feels like, and sounds like, check out this video about a typical day at Afya.