Physical | Nutritional Health

Fitness equipment pictureBeing fit is the smart thing to do at Afya Public Charter School. Here are some of the many things we do to emphasize wellness:

  • Students have opportunities for organized play each day before school and during Fun and Fitness time on Fridays.
  • Students in sixth and seventh grade have PE/Health every day for 65 minutes.
  • Students in eighth grade have PE or Health three times a week.
  • We use the Teen Health textbook series to support our health curriculum, which is based on the Maryland State Standards for health and wellness.
  • Our PE program emphasizes fitness activities that students can participate in for the rest of their lives.
  • Students participate in the Fitness Gram program, sponsored by the NFL, which tests aerobic capacity, flexibility, and strength.
  • Students set fitness goals and track them throughout the year.
  • Students use the fitness machines to work out during PE time. During longer academic classes, we stimulate brain activity through Spark lessons, which are quick fitness sessions where students play cooperative games to activate the body and sharpen concentration.
  • Students can participate in team sports after school, including flag football, girls soccer (fall and spring), co-ed cross country, boys and girls basketball, girls volleyball, co-ed indoor track, co-ed outdoor track, co-ed baseball.
  • Students have access to healthy breakfast and lunch food and we often feature healthy snacks.
  • During the annual Afya Mile run, seventh graders create the menu for the day and study why good food is important to good performance—athletically and academically.
  • Our after school program features a supper program.