Social | Emotional Health

The emphasis on social/emotional health at Afya looks like this:

An advisory program, based on the principles of Carol Lieber Miller and Engaging Schools, that features daily Check-In and Check-Out times in the morning and afternoon when teachers make sure students are ready for the day and ready to go home. We have a weekly advisory period focusing on social skills, peer relationships, goal setting, high-school readiness, and organizational skills.

  • A sense of community connectedness in support of our core values:
    • Teamwork | Working together respectfully.                 
    • Self-control | Thinking before you act and making smart choices.  
    • Honesty | Telling the truth and taking responsibility.     
    • Curiosity | Wanting to learn and know more.
    • Compassion | Encouraging and taking care of each other.
    • Perseverance | Keeping your head in the game and never giving up.
  • Weekly celebrations highlighting outstanding student performance.
  • Predictable age-appropriate structures inside and outside the classroom to promote safety and sense of community, including transitioning in hallways with jazz or classical music, teachers eating with students at lunch time, greeting students at doorway prior to class, and walking out to the bus stop with kids at the end of the day.
  • An approach to classroom management that addresses the needs of the adolescent learner and features the Guided Discipline principles.
  • A sense of pride in the school, featured in Panther Pride Day.
  • A full service counseling program that focus on the academic and emotional health of students.
  • A long standing commitment to the PATHS to PAX program and the Good Behavior Game.