About The Belair-Edison School


The Belair-Edison School, formerly Brehms Lane Public Charter School and Afya Public Charter School, is a dual-facility PreK-8th grade neighborhood school operated by Afya Baltimore Inc. (ABI). The Belair-Edison School has a strong sense of community and school pride and embraces the ABI mission to teach children to live healthy, balanced lives: intellectually, socially/emotionally, and physically. The Belair-Edison School is committed to providing the necessary supports and structures as our young people grow and mature.


Our elementary school, the Brehms Campus, is located on Brehms Ln. This campus, which has a long history in Belair-Edison, converted to a zoned, neighborhood charter school operated by ABI in the fall of 2016 as Brehms Lane Public Charter School. Our middle school, the Brendan Campus, is located on Brendan Ave. and opened in the fall of 2008 as Afya Public Charter School.


ABI operates The Belair-Edison School and Tunbridge Public Charter School. Afya is a Swahili word for health and health is at the heart of what we do at ABI Schools. For more information on ABI, click here.