Our Community

Mother and son at a running event "The Afya Mile"The Belair-Edison School is located in Belair-Edison, a neighborhood in northeast Baltimore with a strong social fabric and many well-built, renovated homes with space and yards for good price points. There is ample green space and easy access to Herring Run Park and Lake Montebello.

The Brendan Campus (our middle school) was once the home of The Shrine of the Little Flower Catholic School. Originally constructed in 1927, The Shrine of the Little Flower opened its doors to 275 students on September 15th of that year. In 1956, an expansion wing was added to the school building and during that time period enrollment rose as high as 1,700 students. In 2007, ABI worked with local funders to purchase and renovate the school which had since closed its doors. Construction on the building began in January of 2008 and Afya Public Charter School opened its doors on August 25th, 2008 to its first class of 115 sixth graders.

The Brehms Campus (our elementary school) was previously known as Brehms Lane Elementary School. The campus was once part of a large property that belonged to Brehm's Beer, a wildly successful business up until the Prohibition period of the 1920s, which eventually closed in 1940. Brehms Lane Elementary became Brehms Lane Public Charter School in 2016 when it was converted by Afya Baltimore Inc. (ABI) to a neighborhood public charter school.

In 2018, ABI merged Afya Public Charter School and Brehms Lane Public Charter School to become one school with two campuses, now known as The Belair-Edison School. The new name honors the neighborhood and the legacies of Afya and Brehms Lane as pillars in the Belair-Edison community.

Please visit the website of ABI for more information about our schools' communities and many community partnerships.