Mission & Vision

At Brehms Lane, we believe that students need regular opportunities to think critically, be physically active, and interact constructively with peers to create and learn habits of mind and body that lead to their living healthy, balanced lives.

Our school is operated by ABI. The word Afya is Swahili for health, and health is at the heart of what we do at our school. We focus on the health of our students in the following three categories: academic/intellectual health, physical/nutritional health, and social/emotional health. The responsibility of all those connected with Brehms Lane—parents, teachers, administrators, board members—is to provide an effective learning environment in which Brehms Lane students can develop a strong sense of self, academic proficiency, and awareness of others.

By making the healthy, balanced lifestyle a core part of our mission, we recognize and celebrate the connection between being fit and healthy and being smart with a love of learning. It is our goal to prepare our students for the high school of their choice with these things in mind.