Brehms Lane Public Charter School is a place where parents and families feel proud to be, feel that their voices are heard and respected, and feel that the educational hopes and dreams that they have for their children can be realized.

Whether in a formal or informal manner, groups of parents meet to do important work for Brehms Lane Public Charter School. Parental commitment and dedication is persistent and supportive. Our school is committed to engaging families to support the progress and performance of students. We promote a welcoming environment for families.

From raising money to working closely with the ABI board to plan for the long-term future well-being of our school and our organization, parental engagement contributes to a school culture and climate where parents and students alike have opportunities to support, improve, promote, and be involved in the daily life of the school.

For more information on how to get involved in Brehms Lane Public Charter School, please visit our Get Involved page. Find details about our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) on their page.