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At Brehms Lane we are always working to find a balance between teaching to the standards and teaching to the child. We are paying close attention and getting to know our students as individual learners. Our curriculum is aligned to the Maryland College and Career Ready Standards and designed to give all our students a solid foundation while inspiring a love of learning. We are looking at data carefully and regularly to help us determine what our students know and can do and where they need to go next. Our learning day includes time for whole group, small group, and independent practice. A daily intervention block in all classes provides students with targeted small group reading instruction that supports their growth as readers and writers.

Overarching Goals for 2017-18 School Year

  • Students on grade level in reading and math
  • All students making at least one year of growth in reading and math
  • Reading on grade level by third grade

For a detailed look at the objectives, strategies, activities, action steps, and metrics we use to monitor progress towards our goals, see this document (coming soon).