ABI Schools Health & Wellness Initiative

Afya Baltimore Inc. (ABI) opened its first school in 2008 to a group of 125 6th graders in Belair-Edison. Now with two schools and more than 1500 students from across the city, ABI is committed to the engaging and equitable education of every child from PreK through eighth grade. And we remain true to our core mission— to teach our children how to live healthy, balanced lives: intellectually, socially/emotionally, and physically. Finding and teaching the balance between these three areas of our mission is what we call The Afya Way.

It’s no secret that physical activity, play, and good nutrition positively impact our overall health. In unique and innovative ways, our schools aim to provide these opportunities for students. Limited public funding, which has been declining in recent years, has made it increasingly difficult for ABI Schools to provide the comprehensive array of health and wellness programs that we know will have the biggest impact on our kids. And that’s where you come in!

The ABI Schools Health & Wellness Initiative is a five-year plan to raise $500,000 to assure we have the physical and nutritional programs in our schools that we know are essential. You can help our students do more! More playing outdoors in naturally beautiful playground spaces. More exercise rooms indoors for our PE classes. More gardens where students can grow and then eat healthy foods. More kitchen equipment and programming to teach students to cook and bake. More training for our teachers to implement instruction related to wellness. More opportunities for families to join together in fitness, fun, and fellowship.

We officially launched the ABI Schools Health & Wellness Initiative with the theme of MISSION: POSSIBLE at our first annual ABI Gala in November, 2018. Today, we invite you to be a part of making our MISSION: POSSIBLE through a direct donation to our initiative by clicking on the link HERE.  We invite you to support our schools so we can do more to support our students and The Afya Way. Your generosity is deeply appreciated.