Our Staff

Tunbridge Public Charter School teachers are experienced and highly qualified. Tunbridge teachers create the conditions and culture where learning happens and students thrive. Tunbridge is committed to offering our students and their families a pre-k through eighth grade education that engages and celebrates each and every learner. We believe that healthy bodies and healthy minds go hand-in-hand.

Our staff directory and email addresses are listed below. If you would like to contact a teacher or staff person by telephone, please call our main office (410-323-8690) to leave a message.

Leadership Team

Sheila Adams

Principal | Tunbridge Public Charter School

Sheila Adams, principal of Tunbridge Public Charter School, is driven by the belief tha...

Vanessa Stone

Director of Culture & Climate

Vanessa Stone serves as the Director of Culture and Climate at Tunbridge Public Charter...

Meaghan Chow

Director of Teaching & Learning | PreK-2nd Grade

The ability to read, write, and analyze; the confidence to stand up and demand justic...

  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/meaghan-chow (opens in new window)

Karen Golimowska

Director of Teaching & Learning | 6th-8th Grade

Karen Golimowska, known as “Mrs. G” by students and families, serves as the...

  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/mrs-karen-golimowska (opens in new window)

Christina Cameron

Director of Teaching & Learning | 3rd-5th Grade

  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/christina-cameron-402 (opens in new window)

Will McKenna

Founder | ABI Executive Director | ABI Board Ex Officio Member

Will McKenna is the Executive Director and founder of Afya Baltimore Inc.  A Maryl...

Administrative Support

Kara Fossett

Office & Enrollment Manager


Samantha Altmann

3rd Grade Teacher

  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/mrs-altmann (opens in new window)

Audrey Anderson

4th Grade Teacher

Jessica Appler

Kindergarten Teacher

  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/jessica-appler (opens in new window)

Megan Bovill

7th & 8th Grade Math Teacher

  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/megan-bovill (opens in new window)

Jordin Daniels

1st Grade Teacher

Alison Dombrowski

5th Grade Teacher

Katherine Embry

Special Education | Elementary

  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/katherine-embry (opens in new window)

Tiffany Gladden

4th Grade Teacher

  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/mrs-gladdens-scholars (opens in new window)

Peter Gottlieb

7th & 8th Grade Science Teacher

Benjamin Graeff

6th Grade Math and Science Teacher

  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/ben-graeff (opens in new window)

Mary Grant

1st Grade Teacher

  • www.afyabaltimore.org/~msanford[email protected]/mary-sanford (opens in new window)

Valerie Grimm

3rd Grade Teacher

  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/valerie-grimm (opens in new window)

Erin Haggerty

5th Grade Teacher

  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/ms-haggertys-5th-grade (opens in new window)

Rosemary Hazle

6th Grade ELA and Social Studies Teacher

  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/rosemary-hazle (opens in new window)

Michael John

Special Education | Middle

Shameeru Johnson-Furlow

3rd Grade Teacher

Michelle Lance

2nd Grade Teacher

  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/ms-michelle-lance (opens in new window)

Rani Murray

2nd Grade Teacher

  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/ms-murray (opens in new window)

Alicia Tate

1st Grade Teacher

  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/mrs-tates-first-grade (opens in new window)

Andrew Taylor

7th Grade Teacher

Elysha Vanloo

PreKindergarten Teacher

  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/mrs.%20vanloo (opens in new window)

Thomas Ventre

8th Grade ELA and Social Studies Teacher

Amy Walsh

1st Grade Teacher

Student Support Staff

Megha Bahl

Speech Pathologist

Janelle Brown

Special Education

  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/special-educator-5th-8th-grades (opens in new window)

Levi Dozier

Social Worker

Dana Eames

Upper Elementary Support Staff

Ricarda Easton

Tutoring | OST Program

Soshanna Gertz

Occupational Therapy

Lindsey Jackson

Academic Guidance Counselor | High School Choice Liaison

Lisa Rosenbaum

School Psychologist

Solomon Sniad

Lower Elementary Support Staff

Tammy Warner

Special Education | IEP Facilitator

Tammy Warner serves as the IEP Chair for Tunbridge Public Charter School. Having w...

Lana Watters

Middle School Support Staff

Rivkah Weissmann

Speech Pathologist

Robyn Wells

Special Education

April Whitaker

PreKindergarten Support Staff

Jeffrey Wright

Kindergarten Support Staff

Resource Instructors

Patrick Brown

Rhythm, Movement & Song

Helen Hardesty

Visual & Media Art

  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/helen-hardesty (opens in new window)

William Johnson

Music Teacher

Kate McKenna

Library & Drama

  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/dramabary (opens in new window)

Cameron Schaffer

Fitness & Nutrition

  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/cameron-kirk-schaffer (opens in new window)

Manuel Seda

Foreign Language Exploration

Jessica Sharfstein

Fitness & Nutrition | Middle School Health

  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/mrs-sharfsteins-physical-and-health-education-classes (opens in new window)

Rolanda Williams

Dance & Coordination

  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/rolanda-williams (opens in new window)