Resource Newsletter | October 2020

Elementary Physical Education

We have been having lots of fun in our first few weeks of virtual physical education.We are doing activities that address the physical education standards for elementary and also get us up moving. Students were asked to complete an activity log in which they described some of the activities that they have been doing to get exercise. If you have questions about this activity log or are having trouble accessing it please let me know.

As we move into October we will continue to get moving and have fun each day.Some of the skills we will be working on include balance and weight transfer, locomotor movements, and physical activity knowledge and engagement. Our main goal will continue to be getting our bodies moving and having fun as we explore all of the ways that exercise benefits us. We will be using fun dance and exercise activities from and other sources, yoga videos from cosmickids yoga, as well as activities created specifically for the virtual PE environment.

In middle school choice PE we are learning about the muscles, bones and joints and completing fun activities/workouts to build strength and endurance. As the quarter progresses we will learn about specific muscle groups and what exercises benefit these muscles.Students are welcome to pop in to the open PE classes on Wednesdays for a quick fun activity as well. PK-2 12:25-12:55, 3-5 1:35-2:05.

Please reach out with any questions.

Middle School Physical/Health Education

For ​Physical Education​, students in middle school are creating their own PE game.The games students create will be able to be played anytime and anywhere, with materials found in their home (with parent/guardian permission). Students will present their game to the class, and we will play it together virtually.

The ​sixth graders​ began Health learning about the Health Triangle, how their physical health, mental/emotional health, and social health all have an impact on one another, and why it is important to keep the Health Triangle balanced. Our next topic is communication; students will learn the different types of communication, and will create their own skits presenting examples of the types of communication.

The ​seventh graders​ began Health learning about nutrition. They have learned what nutrients are, and why they are important in their daily intake. Next, we will explore the food groups using MyPlate, learn how to read a nutrition label, and learn why the information on a nutrition label is important.

The ​eighth graders​ began Health learning about mental and emotional disorders.They have learned about anxiety disorders, the difference between everyday anxiety and ananxiety disorder, and the different types of anxiety disorders and their symptoms. Our next topic is mood disorders; students will learn the difference between everyday mood changes and a mood disorder and the different types of mood disorders and their symptoms.

If students miss any PE or Health classes, please make sure they are checking their Google Classrooms for any work they missed. Also, parents and/or students may contact me to set up office hours so I can review what they missed.

Technology in PE​ (middle school ​CHOICE​)​​has been going extremely well! Students have researched technology resources they can use in PE or at home to encourage daily physical activity. Students are currently presenting their resources to the class, and at the end of CHOICE, they will receive a list of all the resources.

Reminder: ​OPEN PE​ is on Wednesdays! Students in grades PK-2 are welcome to attend 1:35-2:05 and students in grades 3-5 are welcome to attend 2:10-2:40. See you there!

Mrs. Sharfstein


Welcome to virtual art at Tunbridge! For October students in Pre-K and Kindergarten will be learning about “warm” and “cool” colors related to weather and the four seasons.

First Garde is learning all about “texture”. They will be creating a “Wild Thing’ in their own image, where they will use a variety of materials to create the “texture” of a “Wild Thing”.

Second and third grade are learning all about the “color wheel”. They will be learning how to create a “Baltimore Starry Night” like Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting, using warm and cool colors.

Fourth and fifth grade will be working on an art project related to weather and their emotions.

Middle School CHOICE Art students are working on creating designs for the Tunbridge ” Black Lives Matter” mural project.

Open Art on Wednesdays - Second and third grade is geared towards students in second and third grade who do not have art. They are mini lessons from the regular second and third grade art lesson of the week.

Fourth and fifth grade is Origami. Each week is a new Origami challenge.

Ms. Hardesty


Welcome to Music!

Our virtual music classes have been going great, and we hope they will continue to get better as we learn and explore what distance learning has to offer through music.

We all started the school year exploring sounds. We listened to books, shared sounds from our homes, guessed sounds through video and discovered sounds that are all around us every day. Pre-K and K classes are now exploring different ways we can use our voices to create sound.

1​st​ and 2​nd​ graders are beginning our Percussion Unit, learning about many differenti nstruments and how they produce sound. They will soon understand the qualities of a percussion instrument and be able to identify several percussion instruments.

3​rd​ and 4​th​ graders have been focusing on our Artist of the Week assignments, reviewing expectations and learning how to submit them online. It has been a ​technological rollercoaster​ these past weeks, but we are all becoming much more comfortable now. 3​rd graders will soon move on to our Piano Unit and 4​th​ graders to the study of Music Genres.

Every student will learn about new artist each week. So far, we’ve learned about the Jackson 5, Menudo and Journey. I know many students enjoy learning about new artists and parents enjoy reminiscing about those “days gone by”. All of our Artists of the Week will be groups this year, so hopefully, parents, you’ll get to hear about one of your favorites.

Digital Citizenship

Welcome to Digital Citizenship, where students will learn the responsible use of technology on computers, the Internet and in digital services. Students will learn to engage safely, properly and responsibly on any level. This month 4th -8th grade students are learning about the “digital trail” they create each and every time they are using the Internet and how to do so safely without sharing personal and private information. Students are also learning about, click bait, fact checking, cyberbullying , digital drama, hate speech, and beyond stereotypes. This will help them be a Great Digital Citizen online and in real life.

Ms. Weaver


Welcome to Dramabary!

For our new families, ​Dramabary​ is a combination of“DRAMA” and “LIBRARY”. Simply put, what we do is read books and act them out. Along the way, we work on acting skills and reading skills.

This quarter in Dramabary, we start the unit “Getting to Know You and Me”. This involves acting and reading activities that help discover self and get to know one another. All year in Dramabary, we focus on Maryland’s “Black-Eyed-Susan” contest. You can read more about it here​. In October,we start with the BES books, ​The Remember Balloons​ by Jessie Oliveros and ​Sweety​ byAndrea Zuill. With the first, we will be looking at our memories and connecting how they make us who we are. With the second, we will be discovering what makes us unique and understanding and celebrating our differences. Our younger grades will be learning some basic acting skills such as pantomime and showing emotion on stage. All grades will be learning drama games with a focus on cooperation and creativity this quarter.

Open Library for elementary students on Wednesdays is a time to come and do some acting games on ZOOM. There will definitely be movement, creativity, social interaction, and the occasional read aloud. I encourage those of you who do not have Dramabary on your schedule to come and visit me at those times. Please check the Wednesday Resource Schedule in your google site to find the right time for your child.

I am thrilled to announce that I am offering curbside library book pick up. You can fill out the ​Library Book Request Form​ which will tell me what books you want and when you are able to come pick them up. There are times I will be at school listed on the form, but I do have flexibility, so email me if you would like to pick up books at a different time.You can also fill out the ​Librarian Choice Form​ if your child wants a book, but has no idea what book he or she wants. You can visit our library catalogue at ​Destiny Discover​, where you will find all the books that are available. You will not use this site to reserve books, just to look, so no need to log in.

Our virtual Book Club is just beginning this year. I’m really excited to have 40 kids in 4th-7th grade participating. Book Club will be ongoing throughout the year, so if you would like to join, fill out the ​4th-5th Grade Book Club Sign up​ or ​the Middle School Book Club Sign ​up or shoot me an email. We will be rotating books each month, so we can always find room for new members.

Lastly, a huge thank you to the PTO and everyone who participated in the Read-a-thon last year. I have wonderful new books in the library thanks to your efforts. When you see those new, beautiful books come home, please take extra care of them!

Ms. McKenna


Welcome to the virtual Spanish class at Tunbridge! By October, fifth graders will be learning about parts of the body in the plural and singular, useful phrases like ​Cómo te llamas? ¿Cómose llama? Me llamo ...! Se llama......!​, and the verbs​ jugar ​and ​tocar​.

Sixth grade is learning all about animals, colors, numbers, and answering questions like ​Como te llamas? Me llamo...! ¿Cuántos años tienes?​. They are also learning emotional states of being: ​Como estas? ¡Estoy bien! ¡Estoy triste! ¡Tengo hambre! Tengo sed!​.

Seventh grade is learning parts of the body, when to use the verbs tocar and jugar, the alphabet, structure​s, ​and functional language by asking and answering questions​:​ Que te duele! Me duele.......(singular) ​Me duelen​........(plural). Eighth grade will be working with parts of the house, furniture, prepositions of place, family members. They will also learn to recognize and respond to present tense verbs.

“I think I can.I know I can."

Mr. Seda

Another great month of learning in resource!