Vanessa Stone

Director of Culture & Climate

Vanessa Stone serves as the Director of Culture and Climate at Tunbridge Public Charter School.  Originally from Hagerstown, MD with a background in social work, Vanessa works closely with students, teachers, school leadership, and families to promote, uphold, and support an engaging, positive, and vibrant school culture where all Tunbridge Scholars feel seen, heard, and valued. 

Known also as “Mrs. Tree” by her students, Vanessa believes passionately that no matter their color, where they come from or their socioeconomic status, all children deserve a great educational experience. This includes, quality teachers, a safe learning environment, and activities that challenge their mind and body.  Getting to see Tunbridge students learn, grow and mature into smart articulate young men and women as they benefit from the dedication and work ethic of Tunbridge teachers, support staff and school leaders motivates her daily.

Vanessa embraces the Tunbridge mission of a healthy lifestyle outside of school and enjoys playing golf, basketball, and cooking for her family.