Physical | Nutritional Health

Teacher and students rinding their bikesFitness and health are fun at Tunbridge. Here are some of the many things we do to emphasize wellness:

  • Students in all grades have outdoor recess several times per week for at least 20 minutes.
  • Students have either PE or dance twice a week all year long.
  • Our PE program emphasizes fitness activities that students can participate in for the rest of their lives.
  • Students participate in the Fitness Gram program, sponsored by the NFL, which tests aerobic capacity, flexibility, and strength.
  • Students set fitness goals and track them throughout the year.
  • Our health curriculum is linked to the Maryland State Standards and is emphasized throughout our literacy block.
  • Students can participate in team sports and fitness activities after school, including cross-country, girls and boys basketball, triathlon club, coed flag football, and cheerleading.
  • All students have access to free, healthy breakfast and lunch food (including a salad bar) and healthy snacks. 
  • Our fourth graders participate in the Days of Taste program.
  • All students, staff and families participate in Family Olympics Day each spring, where kids and parents compete in fun in Olympic-themed sports.
  • Seventh graders host an annual Walk-A-Thon in the Homeland neighborhood.
  • Middle schoolers participate in the Tunbridge Mile and / or the Afya Mile, an annual 1-mile run through the school communities.
  • We have many activities for families that feature healthy living and fun. These include a fishing derby, camping at River Valley Ranch, and more.
  • Families bike the Northern Central Railroad Trail in our annual Tour de Tunbridge, a bike ride that ends with a celebration and a family-style lunch.