Our Staff

Tunbridge Public Charter School teachers are experienced and fully certified.  Tunbridge teachers create the conditions and culture where learning happens and students thrive.  Tunbridge is committed to offering our students and their families a pre-k through eighth grade education that engages and celebrates each and every learner.  We believe that healthy bodies and healthy minds go hand-in-hand.

Our staff directory and email addresses are listed below, as well as teacher websites. Click here to see how our staff organizes for success. If you would like to contact a teacher or staff person by telephone, please call our main office (410-323-8690) to leave a message.

Tunbridge Team

Sheila Adams

Principal, Tunbridge Public Charter School

  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/mrs-altmann (opens in new window)
  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/jessica-appler (opens in new window)
  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/megan-bovill (opens in new window)
  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/special-educator-5th-8th-grades (opens in new window)
  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/christina-cameron-402 (opens in new window)
  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/erika-castillo (opens in new window)

Meaghan Chow

Director of Teaching & Learning (PreK-4)

  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/meaghan-chow (opens in new window)
  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/katherine-embry (opens in new window)
  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/mrs-gladdens-scholars (opens in new window)

Karen Golimowska

Director of Teaching & Learning (5th-8th)

  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/mrs-karen-golimowska (opens in new window)
  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/ben-graeff (opens in new window)
  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/mary-sanford (opens in new window)
  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/valerie-grimm (opens in new window)
  • www.afyabaltimore.org/~[email protected]/ms-haggertys-5th-grade (opens in new window)
  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/helen-hardesty (opens in new window)
  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/rosemary-hazle (opens in new window)
  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/ms-michelle-lance (opens in new window)
  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/dramabary (opens in new window)

Will McKenna

ABI Executive Director | ABI Board Ex Officio Member

  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/ms-murray (opens in new window)
  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/ms-plantiers-kindergarten-class (opens in new window)

Lisa Rosenbaum

School Psychologist

  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/cameron-kirk-schaffer (opens in new window)
  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/mrs-sharfsteins-physical-and-health-education-classes (opens in new window)

Vanessa Stone

Director of Culture & Climate

  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/victoria-stradley (opens in new window)
  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/mrs-tates-first-grade (opens in new window)
  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/mrs.%20vanloo (opens in new window)

Rivkah Weissmann

Speech Pathologist

  • www.afyabaltimore.org/[email protected]/rolanda-williams (opens in new window)