ABI Schools Program

ABI Schools Program

When starting our schools, we look for places around the city that need better opportunities for students, and we work to create a school where students can learn, grow, have fun, be safe and interact with peers in positive ways.

We work hard at our mission: teaching Baltimore's children to live healthy, balanced lives. First thing in the morning, when kids come onto the school-yard or get dropped off in the parking lot, we create a joyous experience, one where the car door is opened for them and they are greeted with a smile, or where they can play touch-football or basketball with friends. In the classroom, our approach to literacy and learning is balanced, well-organized and purposeful. We look to national and state standards to inform our work. We look to best practices to inspire us. We are committed to setting strategic goals for our student learning and using authentic samples of student work to measure progress and change practice.

The hallways in our schools—how they look and feel—reflect the daily life and history of our schools. We saturate our students in their successes—by featuring pictures of them proudly stating their hopes and dreams, by hanging their artwork, by featuring their great writing.

Our programming is mission-related after school as well, as students have many opportunities to play sports, participate in chess or debate clubs, dance, or make poetry.

We encourage parents to participate in all aspects of our program- visiting classrooms, joining our organized parent groups, having a cup of coffee with the principal. Our programs thrive because of parents’ commitment and engagement.

To learn about what the implementation of our programming looks like, feels like, and sounds like in action, please check out the program pages for Tunbridge and The Belair-Edison School.

ABI Schools Commitments

Read more about our Commitments and what it means to be part of ABI Schools by clicking on the image above.