Academic | Intellectual Health

Since the founders of ABI started working together in 2001, the intellectual work of our schools has been grounded in an approach that features balanced literacy and the pedagogy that supports that practice. In the early 2000s, this way of thinking about teaching and learning flourished in the work of District 2, in NYC, perhaps most notably at the Manhattan New School, which Shelly Harwayne featured in her book, Going Public. We were also heavily influenced by the work around “nested professional development,” espoused by Lauren Resnick, which concentrated teacher training on the classroom itself and valued hands-on coaching and collaborative practice in communities of learning.

In Baltimore City, this work was supported by the work of Achievement First, at the Fund For Educational Excellence, and was featured in the reform work that happened in the CEO’s District.

The spirit of this early works continues to inspire our approach to the intellectual growth of our students. Today our work aligns closely with the Maryland College and Career Readiness Standards and we’re committed to student assessment and data analysis across our academic program.

Our mission is to prepare our students for the high school of their choice and ensure that they are ready to live healthy, purposeful lives. Their intellectual growth is essential to this journey.